My Top 5 Tips for getting back on track after Christmas!

First things first i hope you all had a lovely Christmas, had lots of yummy food and got to spend time wth your loved ones! If you follow me on instagram, @axell_pt, you will see that i posted a photo with the quote ‘Count the memories, not the calories’, which i think is very fitting over Christmas. For many people Christmas it can be a tough time of worrying about calories and gaining weight, but what you really need to remember is that Christmas is 1 day. Out of 365 days in the year Christmas only comes once, so don’t feel guilty over what you ate as you even know in yourself that you don’t do it often. Remember the fun you had with your friends and family.

So, obviously, Christmas is a time where you get to eat lots of lovely food and not worry about it. But getting back on track can be difficult! The days after Christmas when the food is still surrounding you, it’s the chocolates in the living room, leftovers in the fridge and the spare desserts that didn’t get eaten which haunt you as you try and eat your turkey salad. Well, these are my top tips for getting back on track for the new year!

  1. Set yourself goals. Not just 1 but a few. You need to try and plan how you are going to reach your long term goal by setting yourself short term goals say every month. This way it’ll make things sound more achievable and will keep you motivated for longer.
  2. Write your goals down, stick them on the fridge and make people aware. As soon as you tell people you are going to do something it becomes a lot more real, it’s also great to have support around you and the constant reminder of the goal in your face everyday when you reach for the fridge!
  3. Get yourself back into a routine. The longer you drag your heels the harder it’s going to be. Get up and go. It will be hard the first day but once you have done it once it’ll be a lot easier the next day and the day after!
  4. Now for the leftovers and all the tempting treats. If you know you are someone that finds it hard to resist, I am 100% one of those people…no shame, the chocolates or the crisps just get rid of them! Take them into work where someone else can have them or give them to a local homeless charity. Lots of foods you can now freeze, or you can simply use some of the ingredients and be creative, turn it into a healthy dish!
  5. Drink. No i don’t mean the champagne in the fridge! Start drinking more water. Over the Christmas period you probably didn’t drink even 1 glass of water, which is okay of course, but now is the time to pick up that water bottle and start drinking again. You will have eaten foods which are high in salts and fats which will dehydrate your body, it needs replenishing. Try carrying around a bottle of water with you in the house and you are more likely to drink it as it’s there. It’ll also help with battling the munchies as it’ll fill you up. Feel free to add some lemon and lime or strawberries to your water for a sweeter taste!

So there you have it! My top 5 tips for getting back on track after Christmas. It won’t be easy but once you are back on it it’ll become a way of life again. If you have more celebratory plans, then enjoy them and make those memories, don’t count the calories!

V x

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