Goals for 2017…bring it on!

So i was at home the other day watching my favourite you tubers talking about setting goals. It got me thinking. I haven’t set any goals for the new year! Usually my thoughts would be that i was too scared to set any goals because i hate failure. When i say i hate failure i mean i really hate it. Like, seriously. Which i’ve mainly noticed this year. I wouldn’t do a certain exercise in case i failed. I wouldn’t do a certain sport in case i failed at it. Well now i’ve realised that failure is just a way of learning. I went skiing earlier this year and i couldn’t enjoy the holiday as much as i would have liked to because i was failing at it. I mean i know it’s good to have expectations, but i was putting so much pressure on myself to be a certain level and not FAIL that i just ended up being miserable and not enjoying it. My first goal…not being scared to fail. Try new things and step out of my comfort zone. I want to learn to love myself and not care about what other people think, so being able to step out of my comfort zone would be a huge achievement.

I’d also like to grow my blog, so my second goal is to try and blog twice a week. Actually let’s remove the ‘try’ and just say blog twice a week. It’s achievable, i have plenty to say you’ll be pleased to know…or are you?! I want to help inspire people, give people an isight on how to deal with certain things in life and also hopefully teach people something about themselves or about fitness. Everyone is on a different road and everyone does things differently, which many people don’t seem to realise. It’s either their way or no way. But there are many ways of doing things! Of course life can get in the way sometimes but writing two articles a week is 100% achievable. Apart of this goal is to just grow my social media in general. So if you haven’t already, please follow me on instagram and twitter the links are to the right of my blog…thanks! Social media is soooo huge now and has such an impact on the fitness industry so growing my blog, instagram etc would be fab! It’ll take some work but again, posting something on instagram takes less than 1 minute, no excuses…eeeek! Furthermore (look at me using fancy words!), i would LOVE to start Vlogging. I watch youtube and could for hours on end. I think it’s a great way to get yourself out there in the fitness industry although you need to be a bit different and unique, but everyone is really…aren’t we? Or am i boring…(sad face). Vlogging links with my first goal about stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there. I’m not a huge selfie lover or someone who enjoys talking to the camera, i can do it on my own but when there are other people around i get a tad cringed, so again if i want to vlog i need to be able to compete goal 1. Bring it on!

In 2017 i want to learn something new. I’d like to complete a course and further my education, weather that’s in fitness or not, but let’s be real it’s going to be something fitness related. I love learning, i’m a geek at heart, the feeling of learning something new and understanding it is a great feeling, who doesn’t want to learn…?! I also want to read more. For forever i’ve started reading a book, got half way through, then just stopped. Not for any reason. I either forget it, start something else or i get bored. Recently i started reading the book ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, at first i was hooked, i read it everyday sometimes twice. But now i just don’t. It’s a really good book and as soon as i start reading it again i love it. I just prefer to do other things with my time i guess. But i find reading really relaxing and therapeutic so my aim for 2017 is to start and finish a book. Might sound sad that i would like to start and finish 1 book, but honestly, for me, that’s a big thing! As my family and friends know i never finish books…tad embarrassing.

Finally, love everyday and enjoy everyday. Thats my last goal. I’ve had a rollercoaster of a year in 2016 and i think i felt sorry for myself a lot of the time, feeling like a victim. But for 2017 i’m going to just think of a positive thing that happened everyday, enjoy it, love it and remember it. After all, you only get to live once don’t you!! Stop dwelling on the past, everything happens for a reason, i have got the cringe quotes on point today!

Setting goals is important. Weather your goals are about your health, conquerng a fear or something so simple like finishing a book. Set them, be realistic and think about how you are going to reach that goal. People say that if your goals and dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Give yourself a bench mark, get there, and enjoy the glory of ticking something off the list you set yourself. Feel proud, happy and glorious!

What’s everyone’s goals for 2017? Have you completed any goals you set this year? I’d love to know 🙂

V x

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