Should you stick with a weekly routine or just wing your workouts…?

It’s a question that i’ve asked myself and people have asked me. Should you stick with a weekly routine or should you just wing your workout and see how you feel. Honestly…it all depends unfortunately. Personally i have found that i like sticking with a routine, knowing what i’m going to do in the gym and keeping track of how much i’ve lifted for reps, that way i know i’m progressing.

For a short while i didn’t keep track what i was doing or how much i lifted. I was simply going into the gym and training what i felt like. But for me, at that time, i just wanted to enjoy my workouts, as i had got myself to a place where i wasn’t enjoying my training and the pressure of a set routine. I would worry if i wasn’t progressing or if i didn’t have the energy to train i would get paranoid that i would gain weight. I was a bit all over the place! But yes, back to the subject, when i was in that place i just wanted to take off the pressure and stress of training and find the enjoyment again. I trained with clients and friends and didn’t keep to a set routine. I would try and split my training days so i wasn’t going to hard but i found myself wanting to train again, rather than detesting it like i did (which is so unlike me!).

Some days you will wake up with little energy or feeling unwell etc so beasting yourself in the gym isn’t going to help. You need to listen to your body and if it’s saying rest, well rest! Rest is just as important as training. What i tend to do nowadays where i have more time on my hands is 4-5 weight training days, 1-2 day just cardio and 1 day rest. I will sometimes do HIIT cardio after a workout but that all depends on what i’ve trained. Check out my split below:

Monday: Upper body (back, arms and shoulders)

Tuesday: Legs (quads, calves, hamstrings)

Wednesday: Cardio

Thursday: Upper body (back, arms and shoulders)

Friday: Butt day (hamstrings and gutes)

Saturday: Cardio

Sunday: Rest

Thats in an ideal world anyways! If, like today, my legs still hurt from my butt workout on sunday, i did cardio today and will do legs tomorrow. Things get changed around and things have to be put on hold but i still got all my workouts in. You will also notice that i don’t train chest! Specifically because i don’t need to build up a chest. I also have tight pectorals, i’m assuming where i was in offices for so many years my posture wasn’t the best! So now i’m really trying to help out my chest by doing back exercises.

For me, i like sticking to a set routine like i said at the beginning. I like to walk into the gym and know what i’m doing, how i performed last week and what i should be aiming for this week. That just works the best for me and the way i like to train. It doesn’t work for everyone but this way you will see more improvements in your physique and strength. I’ve been doing my set routine for roughly 4 weeks, i’ll continue now until after Christmas, then in the new year change it up and increase my HIIT cardio, which i’ll let you guys know my circuit etc. It’s good to change up your routine, otherwise it’ll get boring to you and your body will get used to it and eventually plateau which we don’t want!!

If you have any questions about workout splits etc comment below and let me know. What split do you guys train? Do you like routines or just prefer to see how you feel and go with it? Let me know!

V x


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