Should i weigh myself everyday…?

There are pros and cons. Yes, you should be aware of how much you weigh. Yes, if you are prepping for a competition you should weigh yourself daily. If you the average person who just enjoys going to the gym and eating well then no you do not need to weigh yourself daily.

Weighing yourself daily may have a negative impact on you for the rest of the day and will affect what you eat. I recommend to all my clients to weigh themselves once a week, on the same day at the same time. Loosing weight is hard, you don’t need the added pressure of the scales every morning to potentially put you in a bad mood to then cause you to loose hope and deteriorate your determination. Everyone wants to see results, you don’t see results over night. You need to be patient and put in some real work.

I’ve been there. Weighing myself everyday, the weight is going down just like you hoped, then you have one ‘bad’ meal or cheat and the next morning the scales have gone up! Guilt, shame, disappointment all floods the brain. But then this is when you need to understand that weight fluctuates. This might be because of water retention, bloating or simply because you need to go to the toilet. The scales will go back down. Of course, if they keep going up then you might want to rethink your actions and what exactly could be the cause of that.

Personally i’m not a fan of the scales at all. I think it causes bad habits and an obsession with numbers. The real thing you want to keep a record of is your measurements and even take photos. Measurements will show where you are slimming down, show where you are loosing fat. As what will happen is that as you loose fat and gain muscle your weight might even increase, as muscle weighs more than fat. Keep that in mind! Photos are a great visual proof you are changing your physique. You get to see where you started and where you are now. It’s great for boosting your confidence and reassures you that the healthy changes you have made are all worth it! It’ll keep your motivation up to keep at it. Also, who doesn’t like proving to everyone that what they are doing is great?! You must be mad to not want visual proof! Don’t be scared of taking photos. Take the photo in a bikini or underwear and just keep it to yourself, you don’t even have to look at it until a month later when you are comparing! Then you can thank yourself =]

So the answer to your question, should you weigh yourself everyday…the answer, in my eyes, are no! There are the exception but i would recommend once a week but ideally take the measurements of your waist, hip, thigh and arm and then take a sneaky few photos, making sure they are clear and you can actually see yourself! No dark selfies guys!!

Let me know your opinions or if you struggle with this kind of thing!

V x

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  1. December 18, 2016 / 1:14 pm

    Once a week is what i recommend too. Weighing in everyday is torture.

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