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Back in 2013 i was getting ready to run the London Marathon in 2014. I was a newbie to running but enjoyed it as i found it therapeutic and i like to challenge myself which you will see from my previous posts. Being a newbie to the running scene i bought myself some nike trainers, Pegasus i think they were called, they seemed pretty supportive and comfy so it was a win win.

After running for a few weeks twice a week if not more, i started to notice that my ankles and heels were starting to get pretty painful. I had recently upped my distance and was running 10miles at a time. I didn’t really think anything of it…Until i couldn’t wear my Russell and Bromley shoes to work., DRAMA. They were really comfy but all of a sudden all shoes i wore were really painful, so i ended up walking around my place of work in bare feet, which wasn’t really appropriate. When i got home from a run one night, which ended up as a walk, the frustration was enough. I threw my trainers off in rage and started proding my feet. There were lumps at the back of my heels. When i say lumps i mean it looked like there was a grape or something under my skin…grose i know!

So naturally i went to the doctors and got it checked out who then referred me to a podiatrist. Apparently the soft tissue near the Achilles tendon had become irritated causing the swelling and pain, mild case of Haglunds deformity, if you look that up the images you see are horrendous, believe me! I was worried for two reasons. I was doing the marathon AND i had these hideous lumps now on the back of my feet. He explained that it’s probably because i have tight achilles too so gave me stretches etc but also some inner soles. Which i now swear by. I’m double jointed and hyper-mobile which doesn’t help my situation as it causes my ankles to tilt inwards excessively when running. He suggested i get some new trainers too.

I now have Asics GT 2000-4 and i can honestly say, when i run or walk with the insoles in these trainers i get ZERO pain. Literally nothing. Nada. It was amazing. Within seconds of starting running you could feel the difference. The support was immense and i can safely say i haven’t had problems since. Of course i guess the insoles help but the trainer which supported my ankles too 100% helped. Asics would definitely be my recommendation. They get you running on a treadmill which analyses your technique and which trainer would best support you and your needs. They are just amazing. I know Nike look awesome on, i can’t deny i have several pairs but i would not run in anything but Asics thats for sure!

Make sure you have the right running shoe for you otherwise it could end up with lifetime issues and problems for your joints, check out my suggested list of 5 running trainers below:

  1. Asics GT 2000-4
  2. Asics Gel Kayano
  3. Nike Flyknit LunarEpic
  4. Adidas Ultra Boost
  5. Brooks Glycerin 13

Top Tips BEFORE you buy:

  1. Get tested my professionals in a running shop to check out your technique
  2. Think about where you will be running
  3. Type of running you will be doing e.g. sprints or long distance

What experience have you had with running and trainers? Any suggestions let me know!

V x


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