Un-motivated to Beast Mode!

I woke up this morning feeling a little de-motivated and i’ll be honest, anxious. There’s not always something that triggers it but it happens at random times and in random places. But i didn’t want that to stop me having a good workout as i knew i would feel better afterwards. So i dragged my sorry butt out of bed and had some brekkie. I had porridge (SHOCK) with pecans, chia seeds and honey. I’ve become a little bit addicted to porridge and have probably eaten it for breakfast the last year or so! Sometimes i find myself poodling around in the morning and can end up just moping around on the sofa and watching TV but i kept myself moving this morning. Washed. Got dressed. Grabbed my gym bag, protein shake and water bottle and off i went. It’s such a lovely day today it instantly made me feel better. The sun was shining and i love driving when it’s like this.

When i arrived at the gym i always feel a little anxious, just one of my random emotions as i love the gym and the way it makes me feel but for some reason when i’m training alone i get a little like that just before i go in! I tried a new pre workout today, which i don’t usually have pre workout as it just makes me more anxious and i went through a faze where it just wasn’t helping at all and i couldn’t train, bad times! I had a tub of BSN No Explode pre workout in blue raspberry flavour. I only took half a scoop as i’ve never tried it before and didn’t want that same anxiousness setting in and ruining my workout. It was a great powder, i didn’t have a shaker so, just like any fitness gal, i just threw the half scoop of powder in my mouth and mixed it like so. It tasted quite nice to be honest. Wasn’t too tangy or too sour. Just right. I know it was only gone in 2 mouthfuls but i think thats the way forward, otherwise it bloats me if i mix it with 250ml water or so. It must be all placebo, as soon as i took it i was instantly like YEAHHHH i’m ready, Beast Mode ON! But it takes roughly 10-20 minutes to set in!! But i can safely say it helped me through the workout either way!

Today was leg/butt day. My favourite day, apart from back. I had a pump rumbling inside me. I started with front squats. I thought i’d do a pyramid set which means you slowly increase the weight and decrease the amount of reps which works well for me. Starting with 40kg and making my way up to 50kg through 5 sets. I’ll be honest and say i’m not a huge squat fan. I don’t like the pressure it puts on my back and i just don’t feel 100% safe doing them. I prefer to do front squats as i actually find them easier then back squats. I find i can get a deeper squat and feel comfortable. Squats in general are harder for the taller person to get as deep as you have longer legs meaning you have to go even lower just to get some depth. I’m 5ft 8in and my legs are the longest part of me…but hey lets not use that as an excuse and I’ll just carry on! I think my favourite leg exercise at the moment is prone lying leg curl. I went through a stage of not being able to use the leg curl machine as it put bad pressure on my knee and was very painful (i’m just an accident waiting to happen and usually have some sort of injury!), so i switched to lying leg curls and it’s now got stronger and healed. I love the pump you get doing this exercise and i can really feel it working. Leg extension was next, 4 sets of 12 reps on 45kg. I have definitely got stronger as 30kg was my standard weight! Now for butt!! I did a superset of kickbacks with dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts. Gruesome. Please make sure that when you are doing kickbacks, you don’t feel any pressure in your back. If you do, lower the weight and squeeze your glute, it doesn’t matter how high your kick is as long as you are feeling it in the right place! Next i was on the Abductor which targets your outer thigh and glutes. I have to take this machine light so i actually target the right muscles otherwise i don’t feel it in my glutes at all!! Remember, it’s not always about weight it’s about technique and targeting the muscle correctly! Simple 3 sets of 10 reps with 10 pulses, i think the weight was on 30kg. Lastly, another superset to hit the glutes. Hyperextensions into weighted squat pulse using 15kg plate. Hyperextension, also known as back extensions, can put a lot of pressure on the lower back. When performing this exercise try and focus on squeezing the glutes and not over extending your back as we are trying to focus on building that booty!! Squat pulse for 10 holding the plate, again focusing on tensing the glutes and engaging the core keeping everything stable. I finished off with a 5 minute walk just to reduce any lactic acid as i have to drive home for 20-30 minutes i don’t want any unnecessary tightness tomorrow!! That concludes the workout and i feel BEASTED! But awesome, the sunny drive home just made me feel even better.

Give this workout a go and see how you get on. Or if you have any other great booty building workouts you do let me know and i will give them a try!!

Happy Friday!

V x

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