The power of music

So it wasn’t until recently that i realised how important music is. Not just in everyday life, but it effects your emotions in all different ways. I was just in my kitchen the other day and i had the radio on and one of my favourite songs out at the moment, My Way by Calvin Harris, came on. I was cooking at the time and the song definitely got me cooking and stirring a little bit faster! I was prepping to go to the gym for a leg workout and the song just got me motivated. After it had finished i turned the radio off and put the music on my phone on and just danced away!

Music is like a drug for some people and i’ve only just realised what they meant. If i am feeling down or upset music helps you get through it or can be the opposite and cause you to feel worse and let the emotions out…which isn’t a bad thing either. Music is so powerful. It drives you to feel a certain way. It can be the best or worst part of a night out. If you are in sync with the music you are in sync with the atmosphere meaning you will have a better time.

In relations to the gym and training, i’ve recently joined a new gym which is awesome! Check them out if you are in the local area of Orpington, Solan Fitness, you will see me posting instagram stories whilst i’m there so follow me @axell_pt. The equipment is immense and it’s just like a typical body builders gym but cleaner and friendlier. It’s very spacious and has a vast range of equipment, so you can really hit every muscle in a different way. As soon as i went there for the first time i knew this was the gym for me. Music was just the right level of loud but it was dark and hardcore but at the same time i managed to sing along, almost like they had there own playlist of songs they had edited! It all just fitted very well and they have their branding bang on!

So after my sudden realisation i thought, why not download a bit more hardcore music which i actually know and like…hello Thirty Seconds to Mars. I’ve always liked this band but just haven’t listened to them in SUCH a long time!! So, armed with a full stomach ready for legs i whack on my music and i had the best session! I don’t usually train on my own either so it was nice to just be in my own world and sweat it out and get a good pump on with my favourite song Do or Die, which i think fits the training session quite well.

What does everyone else think of music and have you got any good recommendations for me to train to?? I’d love to know!

V x

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