The 30 minute workout which got my glutes on fire

That glute burn. Every girl loves it right. That day after burn in your bum knowing that you’ve worked it hard and hopefully it’s getting peachier by the second. I’ve recently had to take a week off of training as i had an accident which ended up with me having whiplash and getting quite a bit of pain in my neck and shoulder, which wasn’t great i must admit as training helps me mentally and physically. So yesterday, finally, i did my first workout in just over a week! I thought i would take it easy and just do body weight and to make it a bit more fun i took my workout outside in the fresh air seeing as it was a niceish day for mid october in London! I wanted an all body workout seeing as i’ve not been able to do anything for a while and i didn’t realise how hard i would find it. I know that a week off wouldn’t set me back quite that much so i’m assuming that the fresh air just hit me, where as normally i’m used to my lovely air conditioned gym…but hey i definitely got a sweat on!!

So i started with stair runs, literally just running up and down the stairs x5 times just as a warm up, if anyone saw me god knows what they would have been thinking! I made my way round the green to an open space with a bench. My music was on. I was warm. I was ready…so i thought! My plan was just a simple circuit nothing crazy but then i should of realised that this is me…i was going to make it hard, my clients go through it so i should see how they feel right?! Ever heard of laddering? You go from 20 reps and make your way down to 4 reps of each exercise (don’t worry you take off 4 reps each round too!). A doddle i thought. Easy peasy. Simples. But no. Lunges, leg raises, press ups, burpees and dips…it’s safe to say my heart was pounding like it was going to break my chest! But all in all a great all over body weight cardio circuit. I felt good after so give it a go and see how you feel. Start with 20 reps of each exercise and take 4 reps off each circuit.

To be fair the only thing that really hit my glutes was the lunges but i think a mix of burpees too may have just got them to light the fire i feel! I didn’t feel it after the workout but boy do i feel it now!! It was only 30 minutes so if you want to build that booty lunges is the way forward, if you are feeling adventurous try plyometric lunges. That’s one thing i think all girls want really isn’t it…a J-lo bum, which actually my mum said i had but i don’t think i’m there quite yet!! I’ll be doing weights tomorrow which i cant wait for as it feels like it’s been such a long time!! Not sure what i’ll do just yet i might just do all body this week to get me back into the swing of things and make sure to not injure myself.

What is everyone else trying to build up or improve? Anything specific which i can help with and get a blog out for a specific workout plan? Let me know!

V x

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