How to beat the Devil Bumps…Cellulite

The little bumps that every woman hates. The tight fitting leggings that you don’t feel comfortable in as people will notice the dimples. Cellulite is one of the biggest problems which most women face. You can try potions and remedies but the best thing to beat those bumps…exercise. Strength training and high intensity cardio combined has been scientifically proven to help banish the bumps forever! Yes…i said forever, of course you have to keep up a regular exercise regime you can’t just go back to the sofa and hope for the best, just to make that clear! If that was the case life would be a doddle! 

Okay so strength training i hear you ask. What is it?! In a simple explanation it’s lifting things heavy. So just imagine, you are at the gym over by the squat rack working on getting that bikini booty and you are loading up the weights on the bar. What do you go for? 40kg and complete a set of 15 reps or go heavier at 60kg and complete 8 reps. When you are strength training you complete less reps, do more sets and have more rest time. So this would mean you would do 4sets of 8reps or 3sets of 6reps. Are you still following? Not only does this help beat the cellulite it also helps you loose body fat, increases your metabolism and strengthens your bone and heart! Win win right?! 

Now for my ultimate cellulite beating workout…are you excited?! You should be!

 1. Front Squat

 2. Cable Kickbacks

 3. Sumo Deadlift

 4. Split Squat (back leg elevated)

 5. Hip Thrust

The above 5 exercises will hit every muscle in your legs and bum which will give you sore legs the next day but give it a few weeks and you will start to see the difference!

Take some before and after photos, I’d love to see your progress. So get down the gym and step over to the dark side of heavy weight lifting!


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