Greenwich Market’s Vegan treats

It started as a gloomy day but as the day progressed it was brighter, warmer and just a perfect Sunday afternoon with a beautiful scenery. Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Greenwich Market, the asian smells, the singing hippie and the vast range of diverse people which Greenwich is all about. Don’t get me wrong the majority of them are tourists but I felt like a tourist and it’s my home. I take it for granted really, unappreciative of the sheer history and atmosphere of the place. Right by the Cutty Sark which overlooks the Thames, the phenomenal university building which looks like it’s out of a film, the boutique shops all family owned with little presents in as gifts. My favourite part of Greenwich is the park. Its huge never ending hills which overlook the city of London town. I could sit at the top of the hill and just watch the day go by. I tend to people watch quite easily and it usually distracts me from what i want to do but i am usually just intrigued.

But back to the point of this post, Greenwich Market…I found the most amazing Vegan Patisserie, drum roll please…let me introduce Ruby’s of London! I think most people assume that Vegan food is dry and has no flavour, well they need to check this place out ASAP! The array of colours and flavours was almost overwhelming, it took me about 15 minutes to decide what i wanted to have…might sound like an easy task but when you are faced with brownies, cupcakes, cake and doughnuts it’s got to be the right decision otherwise i would end up with food envy of my friend, and thats never a pretty sight! In the end i went with a simple but delicious white chocolate and raspberry cake slice. The soft sponge separated by a delicate raspberry cream literally vanished in one mouthful, scooped up and demolished. Perfection.

I was only after the cake had gone that it got me thinking, what do they make the cake out of if it can’t contain butter and eggs…no question is a stupid question right? SO i got researching and there are tonnes of different flours you an use to make sure that the product if gluten free. All the products and ingredients they use are organic and fresh which just makes it all even better. I’m not a vegan myself but i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between normal cake and vegan cake, if i had to the vegan cake was probably better as it wasn’t as dense! So have a looky on their website and you can order online or find a local store to indulge!


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