There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel…

Challenges. They can either make you or break you. Setting yourself a challenge is great, but make it realistic and achievable without it being too easy…simple right!? I’ve set myself many challenges in the past, whether that be not to eat chocolate for a month, not drink alcohol for 6 months, run a marathon or complete a spartan race, they’ve all pushed me to certain limit and i’ve had to have will power and determination to get to the end or to put in the training.


Sometimes its the smallest things like not eating chocolate for a month is the biggest sense of achievement and can almost set you up for a bigger challenge and seeing how far you can go without the smooth velvety taste entering your mouth. A few months ago I was prepping for a bikini competition, as you might know from my previous posts, it wasn’t the easiest thing to say the least. In fact it was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. You see all these girls competing and not having any problems whilst they post their prepped meals of chicken and veg x5 portions a day on instagram and it comes across easy, achievable and simple. For me it wasn’t quite like that. I struggled. With everything in life. I became a living zombie. I couldn’t focus on anything but food and training. Which might sound like a dream to some people and it did to me because i love both those things. But i found myself dreading meals, hating training, everything was becoming nearly impossible and my world around me had completely shattered. I was in a bubble. Cut off from the world. I didn’t have any emotion towards anything and it all got too much and it cracked me. Being deprived from food, training twice a day, working 24/7 having to be upbeat when my energy levels were 1000% depleted, whilst trying to have a life and enjoy what i was doing, when really it was having a huge affect on me.

It got to the point when i realised that i just needed to stop. As much as it killed me to ‘give up’ and disappoint myself, i understood that this wasn’t healthy or any way to live, because i wasn’t living at all! So i didn’t compete. I was 2 weeks away when i decided. It broke me. All my months hard work thrown away. But i couldn’t look at it in that way. I had achieved some amazing things and shown myself that i could do it, just not in that extreme. To be honest i was trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ body but even after 6 months of extreme dieting and exercising i wasn’t any happier with the way i look, and that is still a challenge of mine that i’m trying to overcome.

Challenges are there to push you, but not to breaking point. I always say to my clients to set themselves targets. However, always making sure that they are realistic and a smart choice. I will support them every step of the way, I’m open to my struggles as everyone goes through them but i won’t burden people with them. So for me this post is completely out of my comfort zone. Although today i feel at peace with it all. I’m happy. Just goes to show that when there is a storm in your life you will get through it. So don’t give up, keep going, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Give yourself a challenge which afterwards you can look back on and feel awesome for!

V x

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