Lululemon Yoga…should you give it a go?

Sunday was a fresh morning with an early wake up call of 8.15am (i know thats not actually early, it’s actually a lay in compared to my normal alarm but for a Sunday i’m sure you understand!) and it was time for a Yoga class at the Lululemon store in Covent Garden!

Me and 2 of my friends got there early as the Facebook page said people queue for a while…so at 10am we rocked up behind roughly 10 other people all dressed in the appropriate attire of baggy yoga pants and hippie hair do’s. I already loved it, just the vibe and atmosphere. As the time got closer to 10.30, starting time, more and more people carefully queued behind us waiting patiently. Waiting outside i couldn’t help but admire the store. Wooden flooring and very chic decor. I guess it replicated the clothes, simple but chic.

The doors opened and we flocked in grabbing a mat which was already spread across the floor. Me and my friends positioned ourselves at the back to save ourselves from any embarrassment! The class started with a welcome from a very friendly instructor, David Kam, who made us all feel at ease and gave options of easier and more difficult poses throughout the class where necessary. Unluckily for me, i was positioned next to someone who must of felt a little too relaxed and i was getting waves of egg smell…if you get my drift! But minus that and it was a great class. Everyone was friendly and enjoyed themselves, no one took themselves too seriously and all in all i had worked up a sweat by the end of the class, which has to be a good thing!

I would 100% recommend the Yoga class as it is FREE which i haven’t mentioned yet, it was a positive atmosphere to be honest, what have you got to loose! Try something new and have some fun with some friends. Check out their Facebook page¬†for all the upcoming events they have at different stores and let me know which ones you’ll be attending!



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