protein pancakes…these will change your world…seriously!

pancakesSo protein pancakes are thrown about all over the web and social media. Different recipes, flavours, toppings you name it, protein pancakes have done it. It’s getting to the point where they seem to be one of the most common things posted on Instagram by all fitness foodies…including myself i have to admit. I guess the good thing with protein pancakes is that they are easy to make, taste great and are macro friendly!

So i have got my own recipe for protein pancakes but there is no way i can compete with MyProtein’s pancake mix. Its simple, 200ml of milk or water with 2 scoops of the powdered mix and cook just like a normal pancake. Voila! There you have on a plate 186 calories, of which 36 grams of protein. I mean come on there is no denying you got a bit excited there right?! Or maybe that’s just me then…But with that amount of protein and only 6 grams of carbs that is just phenomenal.

There are various different flavours you can get in the mix but my favourite is Golden Syrup flavour. It’s not too sweet and i usually add MyProtein Granola, a banana and Walden Farms zero calorie caramel sauce too which is again amazing. No Calories so can’t complain. And there you have a high protein meal with all the essential carbs and fats which is macro friendly, will fill you up for a good few hours and tastes great, which essentially is the main thing i’m getting at here. So stop reading this and click the link above which will take you straight to the MyProtein website and you can thank me later =]




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  1. May 20, 2019 / 1:11 am

    Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe. I love how you incorporate these ingredients to turn it to a better recipe.

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