The sudden realisation of prep mode…

So I’ve had a pretty tough week. Long hours at work, hard core training sessions and low calories. Sometimes it’s been a struggle, well, i say sometimes but i can’t lie, it’s been most training sessions this week when i haven’t felt like it and┬ájust wanted to sleep instead! But i cracked on and got through it and to be honest i did feel better for doing it otherwise i know in myself i would have just felt guilt, and i tend to eat rubbish when that happens.

Prepping for a competition isn’t easy. It takes a lot of will power, determination and focus. It was my birthday last week and i went a tad crazy with the food. I had the day where i didn’t track calories or think about what i was eating but just enjoyed myself, and i didn’t feel guilt because it’s only once a year that my birthday comes around! I just paid for it the few days after as my stomach wasn’t used to everything i was eating…or the amount that i put in my mouth (which was unbelievable!). Other than my birthday i have been completely on it. I haven’t had many slip ups and if i have had a slip up it’s usually a biscuit or some peanut butter. The problem i have is if i start eating rubbish i can’t seem to stop. Anyone else have this problem?! I don’t understand how some people manage to eat half of a chocolate bar and leave the rest for later or another day, that just isn’t right in my head, if it’s there and open i will eat it. So being in prep mode i have had to surround myself with foods that i can eat and snack on without going over on calories.

I have a great coach (i think every trainer needs a trainer) who doesn’t let his clients put foods into good and bad categories. Everything is good for the body just in proportions. Making sure you are eating exactly what you body needs to get you where you want to be. I have learned a lot from him and he has really helped me so far. It helps that he is going through the same experience as he is competing in June so a bit ahead of me, which helps as i see what he is going through and i can prepare for that when i get there.

But my realisation tonight is that i am currently 8 weeks out. At the beginning of my prep i was in a completely different place mentally and physically. At first i categorised foods into good and bad but now i can manage them better using MyFitnessPal app. People say that i am obsessed with calorie counting but i see it more as dedication. If i want to compete this is what i have to do. I want to step onto that stage knowing that i did everything i could possible. The foods i love and miss aren’t going anywhere i will eat them again but when i look at the bigger picture i am changing my body everyday. I feel so much better as a person with my confidence and ability to train my clients. I know what they are going through when they say they are hungry and tired but you need to look at the light at the end of the tunnel and focus on that. If there is no light then you aren’t going anywhere. Set yourself a goal no matter how big and work towards it, slowly and in the right state of mind. Don’t give up on your dreams no matter what people say to you because when you get there everyone will be proud and amazed at your achievement. Keep going until the end and you will succeed!

My alarm is set for 6.30am on a Saturday so i can do my training first thing to prepare me for the rest of the day!

Have a good weekend and keep being AWESOME!

V x

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