My Body Power Expo experience

Who’s been stuck on their phones over the weekend keeping up to date with the Body Power Expo 2016?! Well, i certainly am guilty of scrolling through instagram, snapchat and twitter to check out all the latest offers and events that have been going crazy the last few days. I was fortunate enough to experience it in the flesh on Sunday and what an experience it was…slightly overwhelming at first but then soon realised it was full of inspiring people all with the same passion for health and fitness as me. There were some of my girl crushes there, Nikki Blacketter and Michelle Lewin to name a few but everyone was there for the same reasons, to check out new and exciting products and to meet other fitness professionals.

It was a great place to people watch whilst nibbling at chopped protein bars, in particular i found a new love for PhD flapjack protein bars in forest berry flavour with 19g of protein and only 2g of sugar in each bar they are a great snack to throw in during to day to keep your cravings at bay!

Have you heard of the company Prepped and Packed?? If you’re a foodie like myself you will know exactly what i am talking about. If you haven’t do not fear, a Prepped and Packed bag is basically everything you need in your life if you are prepping for any competition or if you want to make sure that you have the best food option available to you no matter where you are in the world, and yes the bag keeps it fresh all day with it’s cool freeze pouches! It may sound very sad but it’s basically a bag and fridge all in one…which makes me a very happy bunny!

I also come across a new brand called Venom Power Nutrition which has a great tasting pre workout. They had a few different flavours available but i was instantly drawn to the bright blue raspberry flavour which didn’t make me pull a sour face but instead actually wanted to drink more! I haven’t tried it yet but when I do i will let you know my review. I am always a bit nervous to try new pre workout as you never know how your body is going to react but i have heard good things so far so fingers crossed!

CALLING ALL PEANUT BUTTER LOVERS!! Prep competitors especially!! If you love peanut butter then you NEED to buy some Len and Larry’s peanut butter complete cookies. If you don’t like peanut butter then what is wrong with you?! Usually protein cookies are hard and crisp but these were just what the doctor ordered. The cookie was soft and chewy just like a Millie’s cookie and it was a great flavour, and perfect for dunking in your cup of tea which i thoroughly enjoyed myself!

So all in all, Body Power Expo was an awesome day which just seemed to fly by, got the chance to meet some interesting companies which will hopefully help me to progress my PT business online, so watch this space, fitness professionals giving out advice which got me procrastinating and just a great atmosphere to be in, so, until next year!!body power goodies.jpg

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