My First blog post

Hello my fellow food and fitness lovers! My name is Vikki, I’m a personal trainer based in London who has a passion for all things health and fitness (I bet you are thinking i’m oh so cliche, but it’s true!). I love my job and getting to help people on a 1-2-1 basis to help them achieve their goal and ultimately change their life is a blessing and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

So a little about me…as I mentioned I am a PT and have been doing personal training for the last year now. I used to work in an office 9-5 so a typical office job with the normal stresses! I was working in a law firm where I was dealing with a lot of ill and injured people and it made me realise i wanted to help those people physically and get them enjoying life again, hence the career change!

I like to set myself challenges and do things out of my comfort zone, last year I completed the London Marathon, Spartan Super Race and Mens Health Survival of the Fittest. This year I have been to Thailand to train with professional Thai Boxers and also been skiing in Austria, both of which i loved but i don’t think i am a natural skier!! So my next challenge, i hear you ask, i have put myself completely out of my comfort zone and decided to train for a Bodybuilding Bikini Competition! It’s hard work and dedication and I will explain more in posts to come.

Food is my life, hence the blog name and being in competition prep i have realised how much of a foodie i truly am, it’s all i think about, all i scroll through on instagram and everything i fantasise about. So i am now trying to incorporate protein bakes into my prep to make my life a little more enjoyable and also have a ‘cheat’…or what feels like a cheat because i don’t think there is anything quite as good as a proper waffle covered in oreo’s, nutella, banana, M&M’s, marshmallows and you get my drift!

But back to basics, this is my blog which i will fill with my fitness lifestyle, foodie love, and anything else which i think you guys might find interesting, so i hope you enjoy!


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